OH! Nigeria

What a great country

The pride of Africa

Where corruption has taken over its mind


The great nation in Africa

With a heart of stone

Forsaking its children and people

A country flowing with milk and honey

But the people can’t see the good side of her

Filled with potential people

But lack benevolent ones


Nigeria my country

The giant of Africa

Beautiful country with beautiful people

As colourful as butterfly

And proud like a peacock.


A country

Brought out in the

Bossom of pleasant flowers

Showing its capacity

And ability to born and achieve greatness

Unfortunately, it producing

Dishonest and deceptive politicians and leaders


Nigeria my country

Where corrupt leaders

In sheep clothing are found stealing the country’s money

And running the economy down

As bright as crystal

You see them shine

All because of the wealth they have obtained in the country

Through stealing  Embezzlement of public fund


Nigeria my country

By its supremacy

It is being measured

Crown as giant of Africa











A country Filled with

Agricultural produce

But with no refinery

Oh ! Nigeria

A country born through struggle and determination

Bathed with love, unity and peace

A fast growing country with wealth

But the people are being denied of its heritage

Nigeria my country

Prosperous country without power to

Ascend and promote its land

A country with a brave and outstanding heart

Sitting on the throne of power and authority

But being controlled by those under her


Nigeria my country

With 36 states and the largest country

In the continent of Africa

Lying peacefully on a fluffy chair

Lifted above all their countries

Found in the blossom of desire

Holding the weapon of greatness,

Covered with the robe of honesty and faith

But look ! it has  fallen

In to the dungeon of confusion

And in the pit of indecision


Nigeria my country

A country that overwhelms

Its people with its cultural activities and attires

But misuse all these by not showing any sign of

Care and appreciation

Simply because of bad leadership


A country that is not dedicated to its people

With no form of sincerity roaming in it head

Nor running through its mind

Just because of bad leaders

Blessed with oil



Flowing like fountains of water

Gifted with natural resources growing like trees

.Instead of maintaining all these gifts from God

It allows the white man take them away

What a pity.


But then,

There is still hope of neutrality

Where competent leaders and patriots

Would be raised where leaders will come out

With patriotic leaders

And when other country will stand before you and say


You are the greatest and most powerful

Country among every other country

You need to be praised.

A country where poverty and hunger will no longer exist

When your people will stand up for you

And it will be a country where everyone will find

Joy living in her


Nigeria my country

Oh! Nigeria

The land of our forefathers

The land of our fathers

Nigeria , Nigeria,Nigeria

The land of my birth

This is the land of my birth


My dream land the green land

I have a dream that one day

There will be no riot, chaos or

Boko Haram to tear us apart

Every individual will speak the language of peace

Every child has the right to survival,

Protection and education.

Corruption will be killed in our land

Every citizen will have the right to speak


I dream of a land

Where the stains of kidnapping, armed robbery,

Fraud, examination malpractices, bribery,

Child and sexual abuse and all other forms

Of guilt are cleaned from all minds.

Where the government and the masses

Are considered equal

Where there will be no tout or harlot on the streets .

Where there will be no fake drugs

Where the leaders of tomorrow are guaranteed the future

Where every citizen has an important role to in the economy

Where good and motor able roads are constructed




Where citizens will no longer queue for fuel in our patrol stations


I dream of a time

Where there will be stable electricity supply

In our homes, offices and factories

Where we will run violent free elections

Where laws are postulated and obeyed

Where there will be no Doctor, teachers or ASSU strike

When our natural resources will be utilized to help the poor

And less privileged

When sport histories are restored and we will not have to struggle

For medals and awards.
when no citizen will be striving to leave the country due to bad economy

Where all retired workers will live on pension

And young unemployed ones will take over


When building will be built with good building

Materials preventing them from collapsing

And killing innocent ones



When the entertainment industry will be imp active not

Not having a situation where some videos or music will be banned

When students will be educated on scholarship awards

To graduate and better the society



When inflation will stop

When the supply will meet the demand

When we will be known across the universe for a good thing



My dream land the green land

May my dreams for you become a reality.

Marvelous Marvelous

A child of courage

A child of great ambition

A child ordained by God

Marvelous Marvelous


Marvelous was a child who gave

Hope to the hopeless

A child who inspires others

A child of wisdom

Marvelous, Marvelous


You were known to lead but you left halfway

Who will continue your great work in our lives?

Marvelous, Marvelous


You were on a mission

To preach the word of God

As the almighty commanded

Unfortunately the cruel and evil thing called “death “

Came and snatched you away from our mist







Marvelous, Marvelous



“Death why have you brought

Sorrow to our lives?

Death why did you not take another person but him

Marvelous, marvelous


Marvelous was a great example for us to follow

He was a great motivator

A great speller as well,

A promising and hard working child

Marvelous Marvelous


Marvelous was your name

Greatness is your aim

Your memory is still with us

You are never forgotten in our lives

Marvelous, Marvelous

Who was determined to be a successful child

A boy who made his school a good one

Oh Marvelous the great boy

Oh Marvelous a peaceful boy

Like a brother ,like an adviser



Your dignity shines so much.

A great boy of knowledge

The boy of a thousand  voices

What a mysterious death?

You left us alone in a twinkle of an eye,

You disappeared

What a death


Success was in you Marvelous

Success was your goal

You were wonderful Marvelous

And your name was Marvelous because

You were Marvelous

A boy determined to impact knowledge to others

A boy of happiness

Oh death you brought a very mysterious thing to

Us by taking Marvelous away.

Oh death I cannot praise you

You brought a mysterious thing to Marvelous

Family and his friends.

On the very first day I met you Marvelous





You taught me to my understanding and all other people too

I can’t help it

Marvelous, how I wish you never left.

But your love and harmony you gave to us is still there.

We will never forget you

Your name will never end in the mouth of your people

A home so calm and beautiful

Like a valley where husband flourished comes

Lilies lie. Where thirsty doves come

To quench their thirst

And keep themselves at rest

Habitat for its inhabitants

Place where both pride, beauty

And modesty are beheld


Valley of lily where solemn

Words of cheer were spoken,




No promise broken

A valley where beautiful

Daughter were born, great men brought up

Great teacher raised, wise proverbs shared

All is superb in my beautiful

Valley, my habitat, my home of

Faith, unity and love


Nigeria my mother land

Nigeria a place endowed with all the natural resources

And the finest ornament and beauty of nature

Nigeria a place filled with

The need to survive,

Nigeria a peaceful bossom of the continent

Nigeria my loving country

Nigeria a place also filled

With corruption, bribery and embezzlement.

Nigeria, a place you must struggle to earn a living

Even as this takes place,

I love Nigeria

My place of birth

I love Nigeria because it keeps moving forward

To a better and greener pasture

I love Nigeria because it needs an individual like me

An individual who keeps optimism alive

I love Nigeria because it gives me a peaceful home