Youth Centre

To God Who Gives Joy and Purpose to My Youth

Ovie Brume Foundation Youth Centre is a vibrant creative space for young people to discover themselves and have fun.  The overall objectives of the Youth Centre are:

  • To create a positive and safe environment in which the youth have access to a wide range of structured character building activities, meet appropriate role models, and obtain support and counselling at no cost to them.
  • To create an environment where Nigerian youth have easy access to the information and resources required for personal development and success.

As our programmes are offered at no cost to our youth centre members, we are seeking support from our partners and friends to help us continue to provide these activities. Please click on the donate now button to partner with us in our Youth Centre programmes.

The Centre runs its programmes during the school term for 3 hours after school and during school holidays.  These programmes include:


Raised: $0/$0

To encourage our students to begin to think about their future career choices, we hold monthly career events during which professionals from various disciplines visit the Youth Centre to talk to our members about their professions....


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We recognize that to be competitive in today’s job market, young people need to be computer literate and so we provide training sessions in our fully equipped computer laboratory to enhance computer literacy amongst our beneficiaries....


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We believe that not only should all young people be encouraged to explore art as a means of self-expression, they should also be taught to appreciate it and recognise its importance in defining cultural identity, just as much as music or fashion does. ...


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The Youth Centre runs intensive extra classes in a range of core subjects for students taking WAEC, NECO and JAMB examinations to enable them achieve better results.  Students find this extra tuition invaluable....

Summer Camp

Raised: $0/$0

Ovie Brume Foundation’s Summer Camp takes place every year during summer holidays for the Foundation’s young people.  The camp offers students a wide range of activities including career guidance and counselling,...


Raised: $0/$0

Our Personal Health and Wellness programmes are focused on exposing students to health topics that directly affect them as young adults.  These programmes aim to bridge our target beneficiaries’ knowledge and skill gaps on health issues...


Raised: $0/$0

The Livelihood unit inspires and prepares young people aged 15-25 by providing them with basic life building and leadership skills that enable them bring about change in their communities, succeed in a global economy...


Raised: $0/$0

Our sport for development programme brings children together and teaches them team building skills.  The activities are aimed at encouraging physical fitness through positive participation to improve mental discipline, and encourage teamwork...


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The members of the Youth Centre are encouraged to join swimming, which has both health and safety benefits for the students.  It has encouraged a healthy level of physical and social activity among members...


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The Ovie Brume Foundation members have a taekwondo team that has helped to enhance their self-esteem by heightening their physical and mental abilities, and build self-confidence by encouraging them to succeed and take control of their lives....


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These classes aim to provide avenues for students to engage in extra-curricular activities, build self-confidence and encourage latent talent.  Music classes focus on theory of music, voice training, and learning musical instruments....