About Ovie Brume Foundation

The Ovie Brume Foundation was established in 2003 by his family to commemorate the memory of Ovie by supporting his commitment to Nigeria’s development.  At the core of the foundation is its Youth Centre, which provides young people with a wide range of recreational, social and educational opportunities, through which they are encouraged to develop positive attitudes; discover their innate gifts and talents; recognize opportunities that are available to them, and reach higher levels of achievements in all their endeavours.


The Ovie Brume Foundation’s objective is to create a positive and safe environment where youths have access to a wide range of structured character building activities, meet appropriate role models, and obtain support and counselling at no cost to them.


Our vision is a society where everyone is educated and empowered


The Ovie Brume Foundation is dedicated to creating an enabling environment for young people to reach their goals and give back to their communities.


Integrity: “Your Word Is Your Bond”

This is of utmost importance in our relationship with the communities we serve. It defines relationships among staff and with our partners. We teach this to our members as part of our core values at the Foundation.

Respect: “Respect For Other People’s Opinion”

A key value for everyone in Ovie Brume Foundation is rights, particularly children’s rights, freedom of expression and diversity. We expect staff, board members, clients and children to adopt this respectful attitude.

Inclusion: “Everyone Matters”

We will serve our clients and children irrespective of their age, religion, economic status, physical ability, ethnic group and gender.

Professionalism: “Doing The Right Thing, In The Right Way, At The Right Time”

Professionalism in our approach to work and dealings with our clients - the highest form of professionalism must be maintained. Doing the right thing, irrespective of who it is. We believe this embodies excellence and Integrity.

Excellence: “Always Do Your Best”

This applies to members of staff, the board and children of the youth centre. We strive to inspire excellence in all who walk through our doors; in whatever it is they do.