At the Ovie Brume Foundation, we are always excited by the opportunity of partnering with you.  We welcome support from individuals, organisations and businesses interested in any of the following areas:

Charity Shop Ambassadors

As a Charity Shop Ambassador, you and your organisation can champion an in-house donation drive of gently used items for our monthly charity shop. Campaign to increase donations towards our monthly, quarterly and Christmas Bazaar sales. As an ambassador of this campaign your role will include: • Creating awareness about the Ovie Brume Foundation’s Charity Shop • Recruiting new donors through your network of friends and corporate organisations

Conversation Cafes

A conversation cafe is an event where people gather to share conversation around a specific topic. Less formal than debates, they are aimed at providing a comfortable environment in which to discuss issues. Volunteer as a lead speaker on a topic you are comfortable discussing in a small group and share your life experience with our youth audience. ‘An hour of conversation is worth a volume of letters’. Thomas Jefferson to John Adams

Life Skills Facilitators

Life skills are the tools young people need to succeed in life that are not taught in school. They are aimed at developing young people’s knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and sense of responsibility and health consciousness. Our classes cover understanding and clarifying values, decision-making, self esteem, peer pressure and presentation skills and it encourages peer education, whereby well-trained and motivated young people undertake informal or organized educational activities.

Project No Excuses

We need individuals and corporate sponsors for this holistic scholarship project. This is a long-term commitment to support either one or more children. Sponsorship is provided annually through the Ovie Brume Foundation, who in turn acts as a mediator between the sponsor and the child. The sponsor is expected to meet with the child every quarter and plan at least one chaperoned fun day out a year.

Literacy and IT Facilitators

Our literacy and IT classes are held throughout the year and we are always looking for volunteers to facilitate these sessions, using structured curricula. As all our new members undergo this training, classes consist of 15 to 20 in-school children per training session held during school terms.

Mobile Reading Facilitators

Have you ever reviewed children’s books? We need guest reviewers of books the students have read. The reviews are lively and interactive sessions, where ideas and lessons learnt from the book are shared. We are looking for facilitators to read to small groups of children and help track comprehension, new words learnt and conduct summary writing sessions.


We are currently seeking partnerships with local and multi-national IT companies to provide training resources as well as software for our computer literacy programme.

Sports for Development

Can you use sports to teach life skills, time management and other important life issues to adolescents? Join our sports for development sessions using taekwondo and swimming to teach important skills and support the class with resources.

Job Placements

This initiative is focussed on giving beneficiaries the opportunity to network and build relationships with individuals who can serve as personal and career resources. We expect job placements to provide a glimpse of professional life and instil a greater sense of responsibility in participants.


Ovie Brume Foundation Taekwondo

The Ovie Brume Foundation Taekwondo team is an affiliate member of the Nigerian Taekwondo Federation.  The partnership with the Nigerian Taekwondo Federation has helped to enhance the self-esteem of the Foundation team members by heightening their physical and mental abilities, and build self-confidence by encouraging them to succeed and take control of their lives.  They also learn to develop discipline by thoroughly training the body and mind in the tenets and techniques of...

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Global Peace Games for Children & Youth

The Ovie Brume Foundation established a partnership with Play Soccer Nonprofit International to organise Global Peace Games for Children and Youth.  The partnership, which is over five years, is in solidarity of a support of a culture of peace, nonviolence and global friendship, and commitment to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) now known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The Foundation’s participation in the yearly tradition of the Global Peace Games demonstrates the capacity and interest of children and youth of the Ovie Brume Foundation...

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Go For Fun, Learn For Life Project

Go for FunL4L is a community-based literacy and nutrition initiative that focuses on increasing the literacy skills of children in selected secondary schools within the target schools of Bayswater Industries Limited in Sango Otta, Ogun State.  It brings the important subject of literacy and nutrition into games and fun activities for experiential learning.  Go for FunL4L has a literacy component that focuses on reading and comprehension, thereby enhancing the literacy skills of children during child-focused reading sessions. Go for FunL4L was implemented by the Ovie Brume Foundation and...

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Lafarge Ovie Brume Foundation National Literacy Competition

Literacy has been identified as an important instrument through which any country can attain development. It is defined as the ability of a person to function in all the activities in which literacy is required for effective functioning of his/her group and the community and also for enabling him/her to continue to use reading, writing and calculation for his/her own community’s development (UNESCO).   It is based on this premise that Lafarge Africa in line with its corporate social responsibility policy partnered with the Ovie Brume Foundation to host the maiden edition of a...

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